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Masses favor non-alcoholic drinks, brings boost in the Beverage Industry
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Among a peer group, few friends preferred sipping just a soft drink or some mocktail rather other friends seemed to be more interested in imbibing pitchers of beer, cocktails, wines and other sorts.

While considering the current environment, the exotic spread of non-alcoholic drink is getting people higher and its variety is all set to beat the wide range of alcoholics drinks. Also, La Croix Wholesaler are trying to grab this opportunity and put their foot forward to catch non-alcoholic customers in the market.   

A survey conducted by Kantar Worldpanel concluded that there has been almost 30% elevation in the sales of cider and beer with 1.2% alcohol and around 8% rise in low or non-alcoholic drinks.

Peter Vestinos of The Bar Medic, inferred that there has been growth in the trending stats of non-alcoholic beverages among suppliers, retailer and on-site. Even the event caterers are demanded to feed a range of mocktails in parties or business meets along with serving the cocktails   

The journey of changing trends  

The switch from alcoholic drinks to mocktails as stated by Vestinos can be due to various factors. Some religion preaches the anti-consumption of alcoholic drinks.  While other common factors might include diagnosis of medical issues, health-related problems and pregnancy.

Just to cater the demand of the consumers and important evolution for the betterment of the industry gave a pathway to introduce a fancy variety of non-alcoholic beverages as well.   

People at bar and restaurants are in a keen search of something new and now they are served with illusions of flavors of mocktails. So now they have a choice to imbibe either mocktail or cocktail, as both have unbeatable variety.

There are plenty of ingredients yet to be utilised and since creativity has no boundaries, so there can be a new innovation each and every time.    

It is a great setback for business owners if they are not offering some exceptionally relishing mocktails. As menu and services of bar or restaurant are the only reason that can provoke the customer to visit again and again.

It is also advisable to create a venture that tempts the visitors and seek their feedbacks to know more about their expectations in terms of tastes and improvements.

The rise in demand for non-alcoholic drinks has also been raised by the members of millennial generation as well. The members are ready to spend in abundance but not necessarily on alcoholic drinks but they can be impressed by the variety of hot mocktails being served by the restaurants and bars.  

Are you ready to meet the needs of consumers?

Is your menu ready with epic options of non-alcoholic drinks? As your consumer is visiting the restaurant or bar with lots of expectations in mind and is all set to awake their tastebud with something new but pleasant.

There is a high demand among consumers for brands like Schweppes, Q Club, La Croix and many more. La Croix Supplier is ruling the market in the United States of America.  

After menu, another aspect to be considered is the space utilisation for bar side. Eating and drinking are all-time favorites activities performed by an individual, couples or group of people who are out to spend so quality time.

So, when games like darts, ping-pong are offered along with beverages that are no less than a cherry on the cake. Spaces like shuffleboards and axe-throwing venues are popping up, which are attracting large number people.   

In order to avoid any chance of disappointment, its better to understand the needs of the consumers, their likes and dislikes and the preferred activities that they might enjoy with your list of exotic beverages and food.

Also, the name suggested for beverage must be clicking and servers must introduce the respective beverage to the guest in the best possible manner. Stock up your venue with high quality and savory non-alcoholic beverages to offer best of the services for your clients.


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